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This webpage describes the new features and options in the pipeline that will be introduced in the near future. 

Model MX2-N Motor and Manual Operated Hard Drive Destroyer


With the development of the Autoloader we decided to also enable the user to take a photo and/or scan the barcodes on the hard drive for identification purposes. This feature opens up numerous possibilities. In conjunction with our RCC, Remote Communication Control option, that allows the destroyer to communicate with a computer or robot, the user can simply record the information or have their software determine if the drive is supposed to be destroyed or not. For example, if a list of hard drives to be destroyed is recorded it can be confirmed that the drive on the platform is on that list before the destruction process takes place. If it is not supposed to be destroyed the system will stop and signal that the drive should be removed. A lock can also be installed on the cover so the drive can not be tampered with unless removed by authorized personnel. The possibilities are endless.


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