Hard Drive Destroyer
Available Options

Laptop Option & Holder (LTH)

Allows the destroyer to process 2.5-inch form factor laptop drives. Swapping supports takes approximately 10 seconds. A holder is also provided that mounts magnetically to the rear of the unit.

Universal Power (BAT) Battery Feature (MX2-N only)

The BAT option adds battery power to the MX2-N's features. This widens the MX2-N's versatility by allowing the operator to keep the destroyer under power in all environments. If wall power is not available, the destroyer can be operated using rechargeable batteries that will destroy more than 100 hard drives. An additional battery pack (see EBP below) can be added to double the amount of drives under battery power.

External Battery Pack (EBP) (for MX2-N with BAT)

External Battery Pack extends the battery power feature of the MX2-N destroyer with the Universal Power (BAT) option. A convenient connector on front of the MX2-N allows the user to simply add the external battery pack and is also used for charging.

Battery Charger (for units with EBP option)

This option allows the external battery pack to be charged separate from the MX2-N. Allowing the battery pack to be fully charged and ready to go when the internal batteries are drained. 

Rear Output Slide (ROS)

The Rear Output Slide option gives the BOW Model MHDD-N and the MX2-N units the ability to eject hard drives out the rear of the unit and down a slide into a disposal bin, thereby requiring less handling by the operator and increasing throughput.

Autoloader with Slide (ATR) (MX2-N Only)

This front mounted input slide allows for automated insertion. The hard drive is simply placed onto the slide and it automatically feeds downward to the insertion platform. The drive is then pushed into the destroyer and destroyed. The drive is then ejected from the rear of the machine and down the rear output chute.

Rackmountable Slide-out Shelf (EIA) (MX2-N Only)

The EIA option gives both the MHDD-N and MX2-N destroyers a feature not offered by any other destroyer manufacturer in the market - The ability to be operated and stowed away in any 19-inch EIA rack, thus saving valuable table-top space. 

Remote Control Communication (RCC) (MX2-N Only) 

This option can be added to the MX2-N destroyer giving the user the ability to communicate with the destroyer via an external device such as a computer, robotic arm or inserter.  

Universal Mount Kit (MNT)

This option allows the customer to mount the destroyer to various surfaces, including carts, truck floors, shelves, racks, etc.

Transport & Storage Case (CASE) 

A heavy duty Pelican® case with custom insert made specifically for the destroyer. 


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Last modified: August 22, 2016