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Model 632
Instrumentation, Audio & Video Tape Conditioner


  • Conditions Instrumentation, Audio & Video Tape on NAB & IBM Reels

  • Large automatically engaging packwheel for best precision stacking possible.

  • Programmed tension winding

  • Sapphire cleaning blade - Rotates out of tape path for "tissue only" cleaning

  • Four (4) automatically advancing tissue cleaning stations cleaning both sides of tape

  • Tape Low Sensing for bi-directional cleaning

  • 100% front accessibility

  • Optional Optical Scanner for detecting physical defects

  • Will handle A & B format tapes

  • Printer Option documents Optical Inspector results

  • Speed Selectable Option for tapes with stiction issues

  • Rackmount version available

  • B-wind Option available

The BOW Model 632 provides an instrumentation, audio and video tape cleaner with precision wind for 1-inch and 2-inch NAB and 1/2-inch NAB or IBM reels. The BOW Model 632 was designed to handle reel sizes from 10.5-inches to 16-inches in diameter. With the industries' latest electronics and tape path available, the Model 632 is the solution to your tape conditioning needs.  

With the optional optical inspector the user can establish a fail-criteria to weed out bad tapes and save valuable reusable tapes. Perfect for conditioning old tapes for archives, restoration, or to ready the tape for media transfer. The optical inspector information can also be sent to a printer, located in the base of the unit, giving the user a hard copy of the results.  

The BOW Model 632 guides that tape gently through the tape path and cleaning stations at a programmed tension that allows for the best packing of the tape. Constant tension can also be selected as desired. The four constantly advancing tissue cleaning stations clean both sides of the tape both before and after the sapphire cleaning blade, which can be removed from the tape path as required. Alternate speeds are also available for handling tapes with extreme stiction issues.  

The 632 is available in both our standard cabinet (as shown) or ready for rack mounting to a 19 inch EIA rack.

For the best magnetic tape winder/packer/cleaner for your valuable tapes, the BOW Model 632 is the most reliable, gentle handling, and best value in the industry.                                                         


Tape Capacity

1/2, 1 and 2-inch magnetic tape. 10.5, 14, 15, and 16-inch diameter reels

Winding Tension

Programmed in accordance with recommendations in Federal Specification WT-0045 and National Security Agency specification L14-2X, or constant tension (adjustable)


Removable sapphire blade with four automatically advancing tissue cleaning stations for "blade and tissue" or "tissue only" cleaning in both forward and reverse

Stack Quality

Precision - meets requirements of NSA L14-2. Accomplished by a large diameter packwheel with 180 of wrap


Automatically engages as tape moves in the forward (precision stack) direction


150 ips (inches per second) in forward, 300 ips in reverse. See SSM option below for alternate speeds

Footage Counter

4.5 digit LED. 1 foot resolution, .5% accuracy




One round trip from bottom reel to top and back

Tape Low Sensing

The amount of tape left on the reel is adjustable

Tape Absence Sensing

Disengages packwheel and stops machine

Blade Life Indicator

Three indicators that show "100-33%" remaining "32-0%", or "REPLACE"


Dynamic fail safe, automatically actuated at power interruption, inadvertent shut down during operation or when the physical end of the tape is sensed


Precision locating and positive locking NAB hubs. IBM available for 1/2-inch units (CKC option)


All maintenance accomplished from the front of the unit, with the exception of a fuse in the power module, located on the rear of the unit


50" H, 23" W, 16" D (77" H with base)


1/2 & 1-inch: Approx. 170 lbs.; Shipping Weight: Approx. 250 lbs. 
2-inch: Approx. 210 lbs.; Shipping Weight: Approx. 300 lbs. 


100-240 VAC, 10%, 50/60 Hz, 6.25 amps (max.)



Cleaner/Winder for 1-inch x 10 1/2 through 16-inch NAB reels


Cleaner/Winder for 1/2-inch x 10 1/2 through 16-inch NAB reels. See CKC option for IBM reels


Cleaner/Winder for 2-inch x 10 1/2 inch through 14-inch NAB reels

Add "R" to end of Model Number for rack mounting. Does not include rack or cabinet, but includes rackmount kit



Stop Distance Select - Stops tape at selected distance. Typically used to run enough tape from larger reel, for example a 14-inch, to fit on a 10.5-inch reel. Also, tape can be stopped at a known defective section for splicing.


Optical Inspector with Defect Counter - In-line quality control device that opto-electronically scans the entire surface of the tape, detecting physical abnormities (pin holes, damaged or folded edges, stretched tape, nicks, oxide voids, etc.). Allows user to grade tape based on physical defects found and also dropout information from the recorder.


Optical Inspector with Defect Counter with Printer - 800 Option with Printer for printout of physical defect locations


Conversion Kit from NAB to IBM - Allows operator to change cleaner from 1/2-inch NAB reels to IBM reels.


Conversion Kit from 1-inch to 1/2-inch NAB. Allows operator to change cleaner from 1inch to 1/2-inch tape.

TLM Time Lapse Meters - Indicates total hours under power and total hours running tape

Deteriorating Tape Tissue Component Modification (632-2 only) - Tissue components to accommodate deteriorating tape (sticking/excessive shedding). Increases tissue speed from 2 RPH to 4 RPH. 


Selectable Speed Modification -  For customers with old tape of unknown quality. Slows tape speed down to two selectable speeds. Standard speeds are lowered from 150 ips in forward (300 ips in reverse) to 60 ips (120 ips in reverse) and 120 ips in forward (240 ips in reverse).


B-Format Switch - Allows operator to switch between A-Format and B-Format tape.

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